The only device of it’s kind that attaches to ANY toothbrush, manual or electric, transforming it into a smart toothbrush.

A top-line sonic toothbrush with Brushlink technology already integrated within.

Improve your brushing for healthier teeth, gums and a brighter smile.

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Track your brushing sessions with real-time guidance

Brushlink transforms any toothbrush - manual or electric, into a ‘smart toothbrush’. Brushlink will seamlessly connect to the Brushlink app and coaches you to help improve your dental hygiene.

  • Bluetooth Bluetooth
  • Guidance Real-time Guidance
  • Water Resistant Water Resistant
  • Performance Performance Score
  • Added Comfort Added Comfort
  • Rewards Earn Rewards
  • Fits Any Toothbrush Attaches to any toothbrush
  • Easy To Attach Clinical top tips

iSeeYouDentist Integration

One-click connection with iSeeYouPatient Dental Emergency

Speak with a board-certified iSeeYouDentist in minutes from the comfort of...wherever! Saving time & money on costly ER visits.

Benefits for Major Groups

  • Affordable
  • The only solution for manual toothbrush users
  • Incentivize good brushing habits
  • Help limit dental-related employee time off
  • Ability to intervene in patients' oral hygiene habits remotely and securely through custom brushing plans
Insurance Companies
  • Unprecedented user data set
  • Reduction in costly insurance claim payouts
  • "This is the most amazing oral health product I have seen in a very long time"

    Professor Elizabeth Kay

  • "Brushlink is a truly neat device that could make significant improvements to the way we brush"

    Jon L

  • "Brushlink has been a huge success with my 2 kids. It is a fun way to have my kids brush their teeth"

    Miguel R

Earn rewards for brushing your teeth.

By linking your brushing data with a Brushlink certified provider, you can receive tailored dental hygiene recommendations and even earn bespoke rewards.

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Clinical trials prove that Brushlink can reduce plaque by up to 71% over a 4-week period compared to standard oral hygiene advice provided from a dental professional

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Supporting England's Smile4Life Campaign

Award-winning tooth brushing innovation Brushlink has been selected by the Chief Dental Officer to support the Office of the Chief Dental Officer's SMILE4LIFE campaign.

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Winners of Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s 2018 Oral Health & Dentistry Awards

As the ‘Best Oral Hygiene Technology Product’ and ‘Most Innovative Dental Technology Company in the UK’

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