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Improve your brushing for healthier teeth, gums and a brighter smile.

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Track your brushing sessions with real-time guidance

Brushlink transforms any toothbrush - manual or electric, into a ‘smart toothbrush’. Brushlink will seamlessly connect to the Brushlink app and coaches you to help improve your dental hygiene.

  • Bluetooth Bluetooth
  • Guidance Real-time Guidance
  • Water Resistant Water Resistant
  • Performance Performance Score
  • Added Comfort Added Comfort
  • Rewards Earn Rewards
  • Fits Any Toothbrush Attaches to any toothbrush
  • Easy To Attach Clinical top tips

Earn rewards by brushing your teeth.

Sync your brushing data with a Brushlink certified dental practice, for tailored dental hygiene recommendations and earn bespoke discounts.

Brushlink Dental Dashboard

Start your dental journey with Brushlink

Keep on top of your dental hygiene, by transforming your current toothbrush into a smart toothbrush that monitors your brushing technique and frequency to help you improve. Use our scores to help you and your family brush better every day.

Brushlink Team Photo

The Brushlink Story

Founded by dentists' who understand the fundamental challenges in achieving good oral health. We believe Brushlink can improve oral health for generations to come.

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