iSeeYouDentist Integration with Brushlink

Each Brushlink product connects to the Brushlink app providing real-time coaching to guide you to brush at the proper angle over all tooth surfaces ensuring a full-mouth clean.

Attaches to any toothbrush; manual or electric!
BrushlinkPro™ A sonic toothbrush with Brushlink technology inside.

Fully integrated with both iSeeYou apps, Dentists can finally make an impact on patients’ homecare – possible use of billing code D1330 Oral Hygiene Instruction, without an in-office visit.

Your Personal Dental Coach

Both connect to the Brushlink app via Bluetooth™ to provide real-time coaching to guide patients to brush correctly over every tooth surface ensuring better brushing at the very first use.

The first fully integrated smart toothbrushing solution with teledentistry modals - iSeeYou Apps.
Brushing guidance based on angulation - ensuring proper brushing over every tooth surface.
Offers the ability to incentivize good brushing habits/better oral health.
Insurance Companies
Brushlink software allows for monitoring/analyzing of patient brushing data & creation of custom brushing plans.

Toothbrush manufactures and insurance companies please contact Jenna@brushlink.comfor private label, customized software and data integration.