An Interactive Cloud-Based Platform

When linked to the Brushlink web-based software...

  • Insurers /dental professionals are able to view, monitor and analyse users’ brushing data in real time.
  • Gain valuable insight into people’s true brushing habits.
  • See where patients are brushing well, not well and poorly and prescribe custom brushing plans accordingly.
  • Export CSV files to add to existing patient files/back-up insurance pre authorizations.
  • Dentrix integration is completed

Brushlink® is an innovative device that attaches to any toothbrush, manual or electric, transforming it into a “smart" toothbrush. The Brushlink device connects to the Brushlink App, providing real-time coaching to guide patients to brush at a 45° angle over all tooth surfaces.

Accurately Track Your Patients' Brushing Habits Between Dental Visits Through Dentrix, you can automatically link your patients' Brushlink data to their respective periodontal chart. This finally allows dental professionals to see the direct correlation between brushing habits and periodontal disease.