The Current Situation

  • People do not know how to brush properly.
  • Growing public health costs are forcing governments to focus on prevention.
  • Dentists do not have any way to connect with their users and apply preventive care techniques.
  • Data is not available for patients brushing behavior and or oral care hygiene.
  • Inconsistent evidence base; Insurance companies do not reflect brushing habits in the pricing of policies.
  • Dental care costs employers $6b/year in lost productivity; 80% of adults have at least one cavity by 34.
  • 50-90% of the world adult population has some form of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.
  • Dental insurance companies pay out 85% in revenue for claims PER year.
  • Because of COVID-19 most patients are afraid to go to dental offices and they prefer to skip cleaning services and only go to the dentist in case of an emergency.

How can Brushlink make a Difference?

  • Big data can be harnessed with modern software and processing power.
  • Smartphones can run sophisticated applications and pair with other devices.
  • Can be used anywhere.
  • Reduced cost of hardware development and manufacture as a result of technological advancements.
  • Some insurance codes were approved during COVID-19 such as D0995, D0996 for tele dentistry and patient follow up via video conferencing and text messaging. This is the best time to educate patients about prevention and provide them metrics for brushing habits with communication tool.
  • Brushlink will be the first fully integrated smart toothbrush with teledentistry modals.
  • Every $1 SPENT on prevention can SAVE at least $850 on restorative work
Data-driven education
  • The Brushlink device transforms any toothbrush into a smart toothbrush.
  • The Brushlink mobile app pairs with the device, via Bluetooth. It provides the user with real time, tailored brushing guidance.
  • Users are scored for every brush in session and receive rewards.
  • Real time precise angulation information display and clear guidance help users understand the proper way of brushing and results in long lasting good brushing form and habits.
Actionable brushing data
  • Real time data can prompt real time changes to brushing, between dentist visits.
  • Initial feedback from insurers, dental practices and distributors is that they will pay for access to our powerful, cloud-based data and analysis engine.
  • Users have a comprehensive set of tools for easy data mining and analysis.
The Device
  • The shaping of the device is simple, ergonomic and easy to hold
  • It is unique in the fact that it is the only device on the market that can attach to any toothbrush, manual or electric.
  • By making the Brushlink device attachable to manual toothbrushes, it allows an opportunity for the 266 million manual toothbrush users (based on 2019 data) in the US (who chose manual because of cost/financial limitations or simply preference) access to at-home oral hygiene education, via toothbrushing guidance.

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