General FAQs


What age is Brushlink suitable for?

Brushlink is suitable for ages 4+.


Do you need a smartphone/tablet for each Brushlink?

You can connect one device per smartphone/tablet


What if your Brushlink does not work?

Switch your device off and then on. For more troubleshooting info please follow the link for our support page.


Can Brushlink be used whilst travelling?

You can use your device in any location, online or offline.


What if your brushing session is interrupted?

During your brushing session, you will be able to pause and continue when needed.

Offline sessions will not have this capability.


How does your dentist monitor your brushing?

When part of the rewards plan, your dentist will be able to view your brushing data remotely and provide you with feedback where necessary.

For more information on rewards, please follow the link (

Have your questions been answered?

If not, please send us an email.