2nd March 2018

Brushlink integrated into SOE

by Dominic Haslam
Brushlink integrated into SOE

Award-winning Brushlink has been integrated into dental practice management system Software of Excellence (SOE), making it easier for dental professionals to access their patients’ data from Brushlink.

The Brushlink device is a tiny hi-tech Bluetooth unit that attaches easily to any toothbrush and monitors brushing frequency, duration and – for the first time – angulation so that correct brushing angles can be encouraged, reinforced and monitored to help prevent gum disease. It effectively turns any toothbrush into a smart brush at around a tenth of the price of smart brushes currently on the market.

The accompanying free mobile phone app provides the user with real time brushing guidance and performance monitoring. Each brushing session is scored and monitored and the cumulative data can be shared with dental professionals in order to target help and advice. Data can be stored for up to three months, so there is no need for patients to have their phones with them every time they brush.

The news coincides with Brushlink being available to buy on Amazon for the first time – bringing it within easy reach of thousands of new users.

Dr Dev Patel, CEO and Founder of Brushlink, said: “Integration with the SOE system means an acceptance of Brushlink within the profession and the ability for dental professionals to access data from their patients’ Brushlinks more easily and in tandem with other patient data. This, together with our new availability on Amazon, means we are confident that Brushlink will become as regularly-used a dental hygiene product as toothpaste and dental floss.”